How Business Is Akin to a Game of Chess

Check mate!

What most people don’t know is that business can be lead the same way you play a chess game. Chess masters and business owners have a lot in common in that they have a drive to compete and consistently look for improvement. This article will tackle how elements from chess can be the same with elements in business.

In chess, a player is given time pressure to decide on moving a piece based on the situation on the battlefield, he has to make sure that with whatever he moves, he can take the succeeding backlash and still survive while being on top of the game. The time pressure effectively forces the player to value each passing second and waste no time.

This is also true in business, as owners and leaders are being pushed and pulled in numerous directions every workday, with each task demanding full attention. Successful leaders know very well the do’s and don’ts of this particular situation and only devote full attention if the matter is critical or if it affects the success of the business. Business owners and leaders draw a fine line between the differences of activity and accomplishments. They have high regard for their time and would not want to waste it on trivial prattles.

In chess, the player understands that each piece has a role to play within the game. Each piece has been designed to do specific tasks all the while assisting other pieces reach the goal.

In business, the owner or leader must fully realize that each person below him, be it a worker, manager or supervisor has a specific role to play within the organization. Each individual must also be positioned in a way that they can work hand in hand should problems need to be escalated and also help each other cover up the weakness and limitations of each group in order to maximize their strengths.

In chess, the main focus is to win and in business, the main focus is to succeed in the field; either way, both heavily focuses on the end results. Once the business leader realizes the definition of “winning” in his organization, his people can work with that definition in mind and “win”. Most business owners have little regard to what happens in the middle, the end justifies the means as they say.

In both chess and business, there are absolutely no excuses. In chess, there is no such thing as luck, as the moves are calculated and not guessed. The same can be said for business; the measure of success it can attain will be based solely upon the actions of the owner or leader. Although it may seem that there are a lot of factors that can make one say it’s an excuse, there are actually none. There are no such things as the perfect economy, miracles or even perfect weather conditions! Business leaders and owners need to OWN up to any consequences their actions brought. Basically, you reap what you sow.